Your privacy is critically important to us.
Feijial Store policy is to respect your privacy regarding working on our website. This privacy policy applies to We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting personal information that can provide you on our website. We have adopted this privacy policy to explain how we can submit to our own website, how we use this information, and in this case, we can show information to the third parties. This privacy policy applies only to the information we collect through the website and does not apply to collect information from other sources.

Website Visitors
Like many web operators, Feijial Store users collect information about the type of web browser and usually create, like web type, language preferences, site specifications, and date and time for each visitor request. The purpose of Feijial Store in a collection of personal information is better to understand how to use the Feijial Store site. Feijial Store sometimes goes to unusual information that is not a personal identity, for example by publishing a report on the use of your site.

Gathering of Personally-Identifying Information
Some visitors to the Feijial Store website decided to join Feijial Store in a way that required Feijial Store to collect personal information. The amount and type of information collected in Feijial Store depends on the nature of the interaction. For example, we ask you to visit the site at to give us the username and email address.

Your personal information is important to us, but note that there are no internet connection or electronic equipment for 100%. As we try to use business practices accepting to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee that you are fully protected.

The visible ads on our site can be used to send advertisers who can create cookies. These cookies allow server to know your computer each time they send you an online address to collect information about you or other users on the computer. This information allows advertiser networks, and more, to provide targeted ads and they believe they are very interested. This confidential system covers cookies by Feijial Store and does not cover the use of cookies by advertising.

Links To External Sites
Our service may include external links that we do not consider. If you click on the third link, a third-party site will be sent. We strongly encourage you to review the privacy policy and the terms and conditions of each page you visit.
We do not control or endorse the subject, privacy policy, or third-party products or services.

Aggregated Statistics
Feijial Store can get viewers’ behavior statistics on their website. Physically public can display this information or give it to others. However, the physical does not detect your personal information.

Enrich and enhance your online experience, using Feijial Store cookies, similar technologies and services provided by others to display personal content, relevant ads, and save your settings to your computer.
A cookie is a line that ends a visitor at the store and returns the visitor’s browser to the visitor. Feijial Store helps to identify and distribute Pidgin visitors, including the use of cookie files, https: // and their Internet access preferences. Prehension visitors who do not want to access cookies on their computers should visit their browsers against cookies to appear on Feijial Store websites. Insufficient, some Feijial sites cannot function properly without cookies.
Without changing the cookie settings continue to navigate our site, you agree to our use of cookies and agree Feijial Store.

Privacy Policy Changes
Although minor changes may be minor, Feijial Store’s privacy policy may change from time to time. Feijial Store often visits this page to make changes to the privacy policy. We accept changes to your use of your website in this privacy policy.